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Kid Puzzle Pieces

puzzle kids

Kid Puzzle Pieces bring your whole class together! Every student can decorate their own card character to reflect themselves or they can decorate their friends. Turn the activity into an All About Me project while making the end result all about the classroom!

The Kid Pieces are a great medium for coloring with markers, crayons, pencil crayons or paint. You can use Decorative Paper (such as this) to cut out clothes for the characters. Color in the face, arms and legs, then place the Puzzle Kid facedown onto the sheet of decorative paper. Trace around the outer edge of the Puzzle Kid, then cut out the resulting shape. Paste the decorative paper clothes onto the card character.

The best part about the Puzzle Kids is that their arms and legs are designed to fit into each other like a connected chain. You can arrange the characters in this way when you are decorating a theme wall for multiculturalism, “We Day,” “All About Me” and more!

Check out the full process below!



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