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5 Classroom Essentials

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Roylco 5 Classroom Essentials

Yes, teachers, it’s time to shake the sand out of the beach towels and head back to the classroom once again. Another exciting school year with new faces and new opportunities awaits! To help provide you with the tools you need to keep your classroom creative, we’ve compiled a list of 5 essential products that should come in handy.

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Roylco Light Cube

Educational Light Cube

As many teachers know, if you want to get the attention of your students, turn out the lights! Our Educational Light Cube can make changing the atmosphere of the room fun AND beneficial. We’ve taken the time to ensure that this convenient technology will function as a tool, rather than just an ambient decoration. The bright LED lights shine better through paper and dark transparencies, giving you more flexibility to customize your lessons. We’ve designed tons of activities for this 6-sided light source, from mathematical counting and sorting components, to scientific X-rays, to Dry Erase Worksheets and more — but let your imagination lead the way. The bold, colorful lights and remote-control features will work for organizing group activities, or for adding another dimension to story time. Why not use the strobe feature for a dance party?! With a fully charged battery, you can place the light cube anywhere you need it.

Roylco Classroom Bowls

Classroom Bowls

Who doesn’t need bowls? These are designed with classroom use in mind. Stackable, rugged and ready for anything. Fill them with paint, glue, liquid watercolors, beads, buttons, crayons, sand, glitter (if you dare), whatever you have a use for. Plus, they’re washable — even dishwasher safe. They come in 6 different colors to help with sorting and organizing, giving you more options to fit your lesson plans.

Roylco Laminated Speech Bubbles

Laminated Speech Bubbles

POW! WOW! Circle the vowel! These dry-erase, comic book styled word balloons can help enhance language and literacy lessons. 6 large designs help to make them visible from across the classroom. The various shapes for exclamations/surprise, whispers/thinking, statements/questions, can be used for teaching punctuation or syntax, or even as an aid for character education and emotional recognition.

Roylco Body Poetry Yoga Cards

Body Poetry Yoga Cards

Giving kids an opportunity to be active in the classroom — as part of the curriculum — can be a valuable method for helping to overcome stress and to sharpen attention. More and more, yoga is seen as an excellent outlet for this kind of activity, because it requires bodily motion, but is safer for the classroom. These 8.5” x 11” (22x28cm) cards are easily visible from across the room, with illustrations, photography and step-by-step instructions to make the various poses easy to understand. Rainy day? No problem! This is a great way to activate the body while teaching mindfulness and improving concentration.

Roylco Highlight Strips

Highlight Reading Strips

After years of reading, we can sometimes forget that what seems obvious to us can be kind of difficult for new readers. These clever Highlight Strips can help assist kids who are graduating from picture books to beginning reader books. The transparent yellow, blue and pink strips help to illuminate the necessary sentences while the eyes train to read paragraphs of text line by line. They also make great bookmarks!

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We think you have one of the most important jobs around, and we’re always in search of better ways to help you do your best work. Feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to make your vision a reality. Now, it’s time to get those academic gears turning…

Here’s to an excellent school year!