Sand Scrapers


Add new dimension to your sandbox! Drag the plastic scrapers through sand to make unique tracks.

Includes: 4 sand scraper designs, up to 3¼ x 8” (8.5 x 20 cm) and guide.

Item #: R5454          Age: 4+     Made in Canada

R5454 Sand Scrapers Guide


Add dimension to your sandbox! These sand scrapers are durable, easy-to-use tools that have children experiment with lines, swirls, angles, spirals, tracks, and patterns in sand. Use both edges of each scraper to create a larger variety of patterns creating abstract art or specific pictures like faces and animals. But don’t stop there! Use with paint, foam and clay. Easy to clean and will last for years.

Includes: 4 sand scraper designs, up to 3″ x 8″(8.5 x 20 cm) and guide.

Item #: R5454
Age: 4+
Made in Canada

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