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Insect X-Rays And Picture Cards Set

Ages 4

Insect X-Rays and Picture Cards give you three different views of your favorite insects and arthropods: the top, the bottom and the inside. Match up all 36 insect x-rays to the double sided, sturdy picture cards with this classroom science supply. The teacher guide details each insect. 36 double sided picture cards and 36 x-rays, 4 x 6″ (10 x 15 cm).



Discover what it means to be an entomologist — the branch of zoology that studies insects. With this set of X-Rays and picture cards, children can use the power of science and technology to learn the different parts of an insect, such as the head, thorax and abdomen, while seeing for themselves how even very different creatures can have very similar structures. Line up the cards so that you can see straight through the different insects, from the top, through the inside to the bottom.

Includes: 36 x-rays, 36 picture cards, 4 x 6” (10 x 15 cm) and guide ->

Item #: R5912     Age: 4     Made in Canada

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1 English Instructions
2 Instruction en français
3 Instrucción de español
4 Deutsch Unterricht

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