Mindfulness Tracers


Combine the benefits of art and mindfulness concentration into one flowing gesture! These tracers, inspired by nature, the body, and the mind, are designed to create fun pictures with a single stroke of nearly any stylus.
The chunky designs work great with pencil, crayon, pen or marker. Simply trace the outline as often as desired to help you center yourself, increase focus and de-stress. Follow the pattern on any surface that you want to
decorate. After your meditative exercise you’ll have an outline that you can turn into a work of art! A variety of 12 tracer designs offer both simple and slightly challenging linework, while helping to develop fine motor
skills. The durable plastic can be used over and over again and is suitable for wet or dry mediums on a variety of surfaces like paper, fabric, clay and more.

Includes: 12 stencils; 8” (20cm) square.
Curriculum: Mindfulness, Sensory, Arts & Crafts
Number of pieces: 12
Age: 4+
Material: reusable plastic