Emotion Token Stencils


Help children explore and understand their emotions by making pictures! This set of 8 stencils is designed to offer a hands-on way for kids to open up about their feelings, promoting empathy and emotional intelligence. By building a discussion around color choices, personal expression, smooth lines or jagged lines, Emotion Tokens can help facilitate difficult conversations. The activity becomes the focus, allowing communication to
grow organically. The stencils are ideal for use with crayons or markers, and the durable plastic can be used over and over again. By guiding your discussions through this creative exercise,
you can help children become more familiar with their own feelings while fostering better interpersonal relationships with others.

Includes: 8 emotion token stencils; 4” (10cm) diameter.
Curriculum: Social Emotional Learning, Art Therapy
Number of pieces: 8
Age: 4+
Material: reusable plastic