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Mix & Match Emotion Stencils

Discover & explore emotions in art class with Mix and Match Emotions Stencils! Each ethnically diverse boy & girl represents a basic emotion. Create more subtle emotions by mixing elements. Trace the stencils to create over 30 different combinations! Approximately 8 x 8″ (20 cm). Includes idea guide. 6 stencils

• 6 stencils, 8 x 8” (20 cm)   • Material: plastic   • Idea guide

Item #: R5859     Age: 4+     Made in Canada




Emotions and art come together with this complete set of tracers. Mix and match eyes, nose and mouth of each stencil to create of 30 expressions. Create classroom emotion charts, greeting cards and ‘All About Me’ posters. Stencil art may help in discovering the emotional journey the artist is on. Over 30 different combinations!

? 6 stencils, 8 x 8? (20 cm) ??? Material: plastic ??? Idea guide

Item #: R5859 ? ??Age: 4 ? ??Made in Canada



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