DNA Builder


Our DNA Builder is the perfect way to introduce today’s young learners to the world of genetics! While discovering the basic concepts about the structure of a DNA molecule, budding scientists will hold the base pairs adenine
and thymine (AT), and cytosine and guanine (CG) in their hands! Each base is represented by a chunky piece of soft, colorful felt that connects like a puzzle. Only the right base pairs will work together. Lessons can be customized to fit your instruction using the decorated dry erase worksheet. The double-helix illustration is designed to fit the felt base pairs like the rungs of a DNA ladder. Simply write in the blank where you want your pairs to go, then erase and reuse. The information is minimal, keeping lessons fun and simple — and little scientists engaged!

Includes: One 8.5”x11” (22x28cm) laminated dry erase worksheet; eight thick felt puzzle-piece bases (1.5” w x 1” h x 0.25” d)(4cm w x 2.5cm h x 0.6cm d), in yellow, blue, purple and green (2 of each).
Curriculum: Science, STEAM
Number of pieces: 9
Age: 5+
Material: laminated paper, thick felt