Blots of Strips


Transform these finely cut strips of dense, highly absorbent paper into a world of color and creativity for your weaving projects. With their exceptional capacity to absorb pigments, these strips allow you to effortlessly infuse your projects with a spectrum of vibrant hues. Easily add intricate patterns and captivating designs to your artwork. Blots of Strips are extra thick and have a soft, textured surface, making them an excellent choice as a sensory art tool. Washing them with colorful liquid paints, then mixing and matching them together can be a pleasurable and calming activity. A basic weave is possible with as little as 2 strips, but the possibilities are as endless as your imagination! Glue them together or trim them to fit. Seasoned artists and beginners alike can enjoy customizing each strip to create one-of-a-kind crafts!

Includes: 100 strips of absorbent paper; 10” x 0.75” (25x2cm).
Curriculum: Arts & Crafts, Sensory
Number of pieces: 100
Age: N/A
Material: absorbent blotter paper