Color Diffusing Paper Hands


Enjoy the versatility of hand- pattern projects, plus the cool-factor of our Color Diffusing Paper. Create hand silhouettes in vibrant colors to build your trees and gardens of unity, seascapes, farmyards, seasonal and multi-cultural crafts. Personalized handprint images are easy with this chunky cut-out. Simply paint your hand as you normally would and stamp your print on the paper. No need for scissors. Add some watercolor, and you’ll really have a unique craft component.

• 100 paper cut-outs, 6.875″ w x 8.75″ h (17.46 x 22.22 cm).

Item #: R24915     Age: 4+     Made in USA

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l'art mu00e9diatique ou la culture japonaise. Depuis des siu00e8cles les artisans japonais pratiquent l'art de la coupure de papier (kirigami) tout en cru00e9ant de beaux medu00e8les du00e9licats.""}]"


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