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Save paper, improve the effectiveness for worksheets, engage children, reduce prep time, and increase teaching opportunities with our set of adaptable dry erase covers. Slide in your favorite worksheets or download 25 full color worksheets from our website covering language, writing, science, geography and math concepts.
Features: Covers are 8.8 x 12.7″ (22 x 32 cm). 10 re-usable dry erase worksheets, come in 5 colors. Includes idea guide.
Item#: R59040     Age: 4+     Made in Canada


Engage children while reducing prep time, increasing teaching opportunities, and reducing your paper costs with our set of side-loading dry-erase covers. Download our free colorful worksheets. They cover subjects such as: language, writing, science, geography, and math concepts. Or, use your very own worksheets and workbooks!

10 Dry-erase covers, 8.75″ to 12.5″ (22 x 32 cm) Reusable Side-loading Five different colors Teaching guide

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R59601 Educational Light Cube

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Download Free Colorful Language Worksheets

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Item#: R59040
Age: 4+
Made in Canada

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