Indigenous Crafts Papers


Introduce students to the beautiful materials commonly used by Indigenous North American peoples. Printed on bond paper, the traditional designs can be cut, folded, glued and sculpted to create a gorgeous range historical and contemporary crafts. Materials represented are deer hide, feathers, claws, fur, wood, bark and porcupine quills.

Includes: 40 sheets in 8 designs, 8½ x 11” (22 x 28 cm) and guide.

Item #: R15415    Age: 3+     Made in Canada

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description"":""Papel de Arte Indu00edgenarnrnu00a1Introduzca a los estudiantes los materiales hermosos que se usan comu00fanmente por el pueblo indu00edgena de Amu00e9rica del Norte y cree una gama hermosa de arte histu00f3rico y contemporu00e1neo! Explore nuestro sitio web para recursos adicionales.""}



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