Flannelboard Fun Kit


This Flannelboard Fun Kit is perfect for short or long car rides, and it cuts down on screentime while still developing creativity and story building. At school, they’re large enough to be seen across the room, yet small enough to easily transfer between classrooms.

The kit has all kinds of fun open-ended shapes to build colorful landscapes, critters, vehicles, and more! Bright colors and patterns make it easy for kids to create the pictures they want to see–just throw the shapes on the flannelboard and see them stick! When you want to change the image, easily remove the shapes and use them over and over again.

This product promotes:

  • Creativity
  • Storytelling

This product includes:

  • 35 colorful, tear-resistant printed shapes
  • 35 matching, adhesive-backed flannel shapes
  • 1 flannelboard
  • 1 idea guide



Ages 3+

Made in the USA