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Crystal Color Stacking Blocks

Turn simple stacking into a sensory experience! The blocks stack easily with the help of specially designed grooves. Use the grooves to align the blocks at various angles and create new tower designs. Overlap different block colors to explore color mixing concepts. Use the blocks on a light table to create glowing towers. Includes: 50 blocks, 2 x 2?? (5 x 6 cm) and guide.



See, hear, touch and play with these fun, lightweight blocks specially
designed with grooves for stacking up as high as you can build them.
Then enjoy the crisp sounds they make as they topple over each other.
Right side up, or upside down, the blocks are easily stackable into simple
or complex forms, and are great for learning how different structures
work together to support one another. Overlap different colors to explore
color-mixing concepts, and then stack them up on our Light Cube for
even more fun as you see your creations become brilliantly illuminated.

Includes: 50 blocks, 2 x 2½” (5 x 6 cm) and guide.

Item# R60310     Age: 3     Made in Canada


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