Color Beams Peg Board Kit


Teach young children the science of color with this unique light-based color mixing tool. Use the peg board and translucent pegs along with the activity sheets to mix color right on our Educational Light Cube (R59601). The light shines through the activity sheets and illuminates the pegs which allows the colors to interact. Children will see for themselves how primary colors mix to create secondary colors. The activity sheets are designed to demonstrate the effects of color mixing through a variety of lessons, from familiar objects, to puzzles and color temperature. Place the pegs into the board on top of the activity sheets and watch the colors merge instantaneously. For example, insert a yellow peg on top of a red background and the peg will turn orange! For children, this sensory activity will become an engaging, memorable — and mess-free — method for learning color theory. Teachers will also be able to use the peg board and pegs for a variety of mathematical lessons, from counting and sorting to peg and string activities.

Includes: 4 peg boards, 5.8” sq (14.7 cm), 600 pegs, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, 12 color mixing activity sheets

Item #: R59608     Age: 4+     Made in USA


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