Pop-Up Valentines Day Cards

Pop Up Valentine Card

finished craft.jpg

These hand-made cards make your feelings POP on Valentine’s day!

Age: 5+

Duration: 15 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Encourage creativity. Integrate art, literacy, and holiday activities. Makes a perfect take-home craft.

You’ll Need:


  1. Type a Valentine’s day poem into a word document.
  2. Print out the poem and cut it out.
  3. Fold a sheet of heart-themed Pop Culture Paper in half, hamburger style.
  4. Cut two parallel slits in the fold. Mae sure you cut each slit approximately the same width. We suggest no more than 2″.
  5. Open your sheet of paper. You should have a flap of paper with a crease in the center. Pull the flap forward gently, and crease the flap the opposite way. Then close your card with the flap on the inside. Crease. This will create the support for you pop-up. Your card should look like a folded sheet of paper with a square missing from the fold side.
  6. Open your card. Apply glue to ONE SIDE of the pop up.
  7. Glue your poem to the popup.
  8. Decorate your card.
  9. Present the card to your Valentine!


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Christmas Tube Gift Boxes

Photo of Christmas Tube Gift Boxes Artwork


Make beautiful Christmas gift boxes with our R39301 Tube Crafts

Age: 5+

Duration: 10 minutes

Learning Objectives:

You’ll Need:

R39301 Tube Crafts

R2143 Really Big Buttons

• Ribbon

• Tape, if required



Collect all your materials that you’ll need. You can choose any color of Tube Crafts as they are double-sided.


Roll the flattened sheet across the short sides. We’ve designed the Tube Craft sheets on one side with tabs and slots on the other to help secure the tube in place.


Flatten the tube on both sides.


Press in one side of the tube, followed by the other side. Leave the un-flattened end open to allow small gifts or candies to be placed inside.


Close up the other side once you have placed your gift inside.


Wrap the gift box with gold ribbon. Secure with a knot then thread the ends through the holes in our Really Big Buttons.


And voila! You have yourself a perfectly-wrapped gift for a special person during the holiday season.


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Flag Windsocks

Windsock Artwork made from Color Diffusing Paper

2014-05-25-FeatureImage Make brilliant designs on Color Diffusing Paper using clear glue! Incorporate windsocks into a national holiday craft or use to cheer on your favorite team.

Age: 5+

Duration: 20 minutes

Learning Objectives: Create product art with an emphasis on using fine motor skills. Trace designs onto paper or draw freehand using references. Encourage scissor skills development. Incorporate windsock designs with themes learnt through social studies subjects or in observation of upcoming national events. Talk about significance of wind patterns and weather changes.

You’ll Need:

R15212 Color Diffusing Paper 12 x 18″

• Watercolor paint

• Plastic paint trays

R54460 Squiggle Pipettes OR paintbrushes

• Scissors

• Hole punch

• Yarn

• Tape

• Clear glue (preferrably with applicator tip)

Line-03 This activity is perfect for making a take-home craft that kids will love. You can decide to have kids draw their flag designs freehand, or print out a large flag design in black and white line-art that kids can use as a template beneath their Color Diffusing Paper sheet. In this activity, I’ve used both techniques.

Click on any of the links below to skip to a portion of this tutorial:

1. Designing your windsock

2. Making streamers

3. Assembling your windsock

P6179636 Here, you can see all the materials I’ve assembled. Using bowls to contain the watercolor paint makes it easy for kids to keep their work-spaces clean. Pipettes are a great way to get children with developing finger muscles to experiment with different squeezing techniques.

Alternatively, use paintbrushes to apply the watercolor to the Color Diffusing sheets.

P6179640 First, decide on your design. If you decide to get students to freehand the design, it’s a good idea to print out a reference for students to look at. They can lightly pencil in their design if they’d prefer, then go over top of the design with the clear glue.

It’s ideal if the clear glue dispenser has a pointed applicator that kids can use like the point of a marker or pencil. Gently press the glue down onto the Color Diffusing Paper on top of your penciled design.

P6179642The photo above won’t clearly show the image, but I’ve “drawn” 50 stars with the clear glue in a stacked sequence. Can you guess the flag I’m making?

P6179644Wait until the glue is completely dry! This usually doesn’t take too long, but if you are worried about time, be sure to do the glue “drawing” on a day before your painting class. You can speed up by the process by leaving the drying artwork under an oscillating fan. Once you are ready to paint, place the Color Diffusing Paper into a plastic paint tray.

For this particular project, I’ve grabbed blue watercolor. Notice how nicely the Squiggle Pipette fits into the colorful paint bowl. You can place the bowl in the center of a group of students and have them all grab their paint from that one location.

P6179664This is my favorite part!! As I release the blue watercolor paint from the Squiggle Pipette, the paint carefully avoids any place where I’ve “drawn” in the glue. This is because the glue has seeped completely through the paper and acts as a barrier to the oncoming ink.

P6179668It will take a few squirts from the Squiggle Pipettes to fill the entire canvas, but it’s well worth it for the colorful effect and design popping through!

P6179671For a project like the Union Jack flag, I placed a line-art print of the flag design beneath the Color Diffusing Paper and traced out all the lines with the clear glue. Once the glue was dry, I used a paintbrush to apply the paint. This helped maintain an even layer of paint throughout the design.

P6179714 Take your main windsock design and prepare it for lift-off!

P6179717First, roll the windsock into a tight tube. This will help it retain a cylinder shape once you string it up.

P6179719 Unwind the tube until the ends are overlapping by 2″ on both sides. Tape the edges together.

P6179724 Next, make four holes at equal intervals along the top edge of your flag windsock.

P6179726Grab a large run of yarn, about 2 yards (1.8 m) in length.

P6179729 Loop one end through a hole and hold. Make a second loop with the other end of the yarn and hold that along with the first strand. Use the remaining yarn to pass through a second hole.

P6179731Loop back up and hold the loop in your hand along with the rest of the previous loops. Pass the end of the yarn through a third hole.

P6179732Loop back up through the hole and hold the loop in your hand with the rest. Thread the final stretch of yarn through the fourth hole.

P6179734Then loop back up and hold this loop in your hand with the remaining loops. There should be some leftover length of yarn to use as the string from which you’ll hang the windsock. Twist all the loops together, as one, into a tight knot.

P6179737You can trim some of the excess loops above the knot part. Just make sure not to snip the long piece of string! The first part of the windsock should look something like this.  

P6179681 Now it’s time to make the streaming ends for the windsocks. Place the Color Diffusing paper lengthwise, then spread the paint any which way you’d like. Make lines, spots, color entire strips of paper or intertwine the colors together.

P6179712When this particular sheet of paper has dried, cut it into strips lengthwise.

P6179747 Now grab some glue! We’re ready to attach the final portion of the windsock.

P6179748Put a bit of glue on the inside of the windsock’s bottom edge.

P6179749Press a streamer down onto the glued portion. Space out your streamers into equal intervals and continue all the way around the bottom of the windsock.

P6179752Here’s a look at our windsock! Isn’t it a beaut!

P6179757 You can see further completed designs here, including the American flag, Canadian flag, and the Union Jack!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s a shot of our windsocks fluttering outside from our local pine trees!

P6209823 Another gorgeous look at our lovely flag designs! Watch how they flutter animatedly in the breeze! Line-03 Thanks for checking out this post! Like us on FacebookShare this post with your friends, or Subscribe to this blog today to receive original craft project updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

The “Helping Hands” Good Deeds Display

Image of Roylco Color Diffusing Hands artwork display on school hallway

Image of Roylco Color Diffusing Hands artwork display on school hallway

Special Post Contribution: By Amy Klossner

Here are the photos of the project our school completed using Color Diffusing Hands.  They were just perfect.  We read the book Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed, before painting the hands with liquid watercolors.  It’s a story about a little girl who does one good deed and that person does 5 good deeds then those people do five more good deeds each and so on. Like I said, the hands were perfect for displaying to the students how one good deed (represented by the hand) grows into five more, (represented by the fingers) which grows into 5 more, etc. The “helping hands” displayed that kindness is contagious.

As a spin off, students can write good deeds they are preforming in our school and community on each one of the hands, heart shapes or other inspirational design.


Close up boy decorating color diffusing hand


Close-up of a decorated hand


Children decorating Color Diffusing Hands with liquid water color

How to Decorate Color Diffusing Hands:

Liquid Water Color:  To get the most beautiful color blends, I recommend using liquid watercolor paint in a mister bottle. Spray the colors you like onto the Color Diffusing Hand.  Then use another mister bottle to spray clean water over your colors. Set aside to dry. Be careful where you put them, they can make a mess. To speed up the drying time, I like to hang them up for good air circulation. They should be dry enough to use in about 30 mins.


Washable Markers:  Color the Color Diffusing Hands with washable markers. Do not cover the whole area. Make sure to leave white space. Use a mister bottle to spray clean water over your colors. This will allow the colors to “mingle” and spread.


Image of sketch drawing of Kid 1

Hatch a Baby Dinosaur This Spring

Roylco baby dinosaur lesson plan

Most young children are fascinated by dinosaurs. They are curious about these mighty creatures that lived millions of years ago. Where did the dinosaur come from? Today we are going to introduce a hatching baby dinosaurs craft activity that children will love. This is a great class activity when you are teaching about dinosaurs.  You can also introduce it at the end of the dinosaur discovery tour at the museum.  Use this activity to talk about how a baby dinosaur grows inside the egg. Children will love to help the baby dinosaur hatch from the egg.

Age: 5+

Duration: 10 – 15 minutes

Learning Outcomes:  Learning evolutionary concepts. Practice drawing skills. Exercise Fine motor skills. Growing children’s interest in science.

You’ll Need:

Let the children choose one piece of paper with their favorite colors and patterns (R15311 Dinosaur Print Papers).

Encourage children to use a pencil to draw the baby dinosaurs at the back of the dinosaur print paper. After they draw the baby dinosaur, they can use the black marker to trace it.

Then cut out the baby dinosaur.

Glue the dinosaur on the white craft paper. You can glue the eye or draw the eye on the dinosaur.

Choose a piece of antique paper ( R15286 Antique Paperthat you like and lay it on top of the baby dinosaur. Use a pencil to draw an egg outline and cut it out.

Add glue to the outline of the brown egg and place it on the white craft paper over top of the baby dinosaur. Make a small cut in the middle the egg.

Ask the children to write their names on the white craft paper and exchange their crafts.

Here comes the exciting moment of this activity.

Invite children to help the dinosaur hatch from the egg by tearing open the paper (where you have made the small hole) to reveal the baby dinosaur inside the egg!

It’s a lot of fun for children to discover the different types of baby dinosaurs.

Please visit https://roylco.com/shop/r15311-dinosaur-print-papers/ for more information.

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Tube Craft Flower

Tube Craft Flowers

tube crafts flowers

Using simple materials such as tube rolls and tissue paper, you can make the most intriguing flower decorations for your spring display! Try it with our R39301 Tube Crafts!

Age: 5+

Duration: 5-10 minutes

Learning Objectives: Use scissor skills to create beautiful flower decorations. Develop fine motor skills through rolling and securing the tubes. Create a lovely decorative addition to your spring/summer art display.

tube crafts flowers

You’ll Need:

R39301 Tube Crafts

• Scissors

• Tissue paper

• Tape

• Construction paper

• Pencil


tube crafts flowers

Choose one of the flat Tube Crafts. The tubes have colors on both sides so you can roll it according to the side you want.

tube crafts flowers

Gently roll the card into a tube shape and secure with the specially designed notches and tabs. This tube will form the base of the flower.

tube crafts flowers

Next, cut a long strip of tissue paper from your sheet. If you have smaller lengths of tissue, you can simply tape them together. The strip should be about 3 x 16″ wide.

tube crafts flowers

Accordion fold the strip of paper until it is all neatly tucked into a square.

tube crafts flowers

Cut the unfolded edge into a half circle shape, making sure to keep the side folds intact.

tube crafts flowers

Unfold the chain to reveal a petal-like design.

tube crafts flowers

Gather up the tissue paper that you will use to form the center of the flower.

tube crafts flowers

Scrunch all four corners together in the center and secure with a piece of tape.

tube crafts flowers

Tape one edge of the petal chain onto the top of your Tube Craft and roll it all the way around the tube edge.

tube crafts flowers

Once the tube is completely rolled with the tissue paper, fold the petals outward.

tube crafts flowers

Stuff the center of the flower inside the tube and secure with tape.

tube crafts flowers

Cut a strip of paper from the construction paper sheet.

tube crafts flowers

Fold the strip of construction paper in half and cut from the fold line to make a leaf shape. Unfold the sheet of construction paper.

tube crafts flowers

Tape the leaf shape to the back of the tube to finalize the flower.

tube crafts flowers

With these techniques, you can make a full garden of flowers!


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Giant Easter Egg Decorating

Make larger-than-life decorated eggs for Easter holiday


Make larger-than-life decorated eggs for Easter holiday! 

Age: 5+

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Learning Objectives: Use stencils to trace beautiful mandala patterns onto egg shapes. Choose coordinating colors and color in specific parts of the egg design. Learn about the history of Easter and the origin of Rangoli designs through research.


You’ll Need: 

R5621 Rangoli Mega Stencils

• Large sheet of card paper

• Pencil

• Crayons or pencil crayons

• Scissors



Start with a sheet of card paper that is about legal size 11 x 17″ (28 x 43 cm) or more. Draw a small curve at the top of the sheet, and a very large curve at the bottom of the sheet. Join the two curves together to make a full egg shape.


Cut the resulting shape out. You don’t have to make the egg shape look absolutely perfect, but the general idea is to keep the bottom wider than the top.


Before you begin, make sure to pop out the die cut pieces on the inside of the Rangoli stencil. Place the stencil onto the card cutout. Use a pencil to trace the interior edges of each pattern piece.


Here you can see how well the tracing transfers onto the sheet. Don’t press the lines too harshly, as you will want to let the color shine through rather than the outlines.


Start filling in each of the outlined shapes with a preferred color of crayon.


How do you like me now!? What a pretty design… the color combination looks a lot like the famous blue and white porcelain designs from Asia and Europe.


Here’s another egg design to show the variation in color and pattern you can do–much like designing your own Easter egg! Pin up on a display wall for this spring!


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Chinese Lanterns

Color-In Chinese Lanterns Craft


Get ready for Chinese New Year!  Learn how to create lanterns can help students work with form and color to create these awesome, decorative projects. We’ll show you the step by step process using our R22021 Color-In Chinese Lanterns and our R55009 Shape Sponges!

Age: 5+

Duration: 20 minutes

You’ll Need:

• R22021 Color-In Chinese Lanterns

• R55009 Shape Sponges

• Paint

• Glue

• Glitter (if desired)

• Paint tray

• Paint bowl

• Paint brush

• String

• Tape



It’s a good idea to use newspapers to contain glitter!

Each of the Chinese Lantern projects comes with 3 pieces: a large square with lines cut into it, a medium rectangle and a wavy-looking long piece.

2014-02-12-Step03Set each piece inside your paint tray. Paint all 3 pieces in a flat color. If needed, paint on two or three layers. When you are satisfied with the strength of the paint color, set aside to dry.

2014-02-05-Sponge-AnimationOnce the large square piece is completely dry, get ready to decorate it! Fill a plastic bowl with a bit of white glue. Select a favorite sponge shape and dip one side into the glue. Carefully stamp the sponge shape 4-6 times across the square lantern piece.

2014-02-12-Step05Make sure you do this step quickly, before the glue dries! Place the square piece onto newspaper. Sprinkle gold glitter glue completely on top of the stamped glue areas.

2014-02-12-Step06When the glue and glitter have dried, gently lift up one edge of the square piece and shake off the excess. Only the parts where the glitter met the glue will remain on the square piece. This creates a lovely surprise for students! Tip: Try to separate the die-cut lines if they are stuck together from the paint/glue.


Now it’s time to switch back to the medium rectangle piece. There are two tabs at the top and of the rectangle piece. On the bottom are two slots. Flip over the piece and locate the tabs. Grab the sides of the tabs and fold them into the center.

2014-02-12-Step10Roll the rectangle piece into a tube. To secure the tube, slide the folded tabs into the slots.

2014-02-12-Step11Reach inside the tube and unfold the tabs to “lock” in place.

2014-02-12-Step12You can reinforce the tube with a bit of tape!

2014-02-12-Step13Now it’s time to attach the handle. That’s what the long wavy piece is for! Locate the two slots along the top edge of the tube and slide the ends of the handle through.


This will create a little basket-like project. Lay your glitter-stamped square piece face down so that the unpainted side is facing up. Align the top edge of the basket tube with the top edge of the square piece.

2014-02-12-Step15Wrap the glitter-stamped piece all around the tube and secure the edges together with tape.

2014-02-12-Step16Now, flip the lantern over. To create the bowl effect, you need to match the bottom edge of the square piece with the bottom edge of the inner tube. This will cause the strips to fan out.

2014-02-12-Step17Tape the bottom edges together.

2014-02-12-Step18If needed, separate and fan out the individual strips.

2014-02-12-Step19A beautiful, glittery take-home gift or, use string to hang the lanterns together from the classroom ceiling.


Thanks for stopping by to view this post! If you would like to share some of your or your students’ projects, send photos of your work to subscriber@roylco.ca! Thanks for visiting and check back soon!

10 Classroom Favorites

A teacher’s job is no easy assignment. Day after day, you’re tasked with educating and inspiring children, so that they have the tools they need to become intelligent and motivated adults. Whoa… We hear you! And we like to think we have some valuable tools to help you do your job to the best of your abilities! We’ve compiled a list of 10 items that have proven to be winners in the classroom, not only for their academic attributes, but for being just, plain fun! As a new school year approaches, we’re ready to work along your side to get kids inspired about creativity and learning! Let’s get started…

Sketch image


Roylco Color Diffusing Paper

Color Diffusing Paper

If this is not already your favorite painting craft, it probably will be soon! Kids and adults alike can create unbelievable patterns and images using this woven paper. The material is highly absorbent, which allows amazing things to happen when you drip, spray or splash liquid paints onto the surface. You can even mask out pictures using a wax crayon or some glue before you put down your water colors. Really easy. Parents are going to want to frame this stuff. Use our tools, like Paint Bellows or Paint Pipettes, to create even cooler effects, like tie-dyes! 


Roylco We All Fit Together Puzzle Pieces

We All Fit Together Giant Puzzle Pieces 

When kids come to school, they get a chance to see lots of different faces from lots of different backgrounds. This product gives you a chance to create a fun project that can help kids visualize that diversity. Have your students take one of these puzzle pieces and make it their own. Encourage them to fill it up with colors and imagery using any medium they prefer: markers, paints, crayons, pastels, charcoal, collage, etc. Maybe they’ll want to create a self-portrait, or maybe they’ll want to use colors to represent their family heritage. When everyone has had a chance to finish their puzzle piece, begin connecting them all together. Fill up a bulletin board to create a one-of-a-kind classroom display that everyone can be proud of. Or, if you have the time to get really creative, you can connect the different pieces to create a larger picture that represents a theme. Or, connect them to spell out words or phrases, like “DIVERSITY”, or “CLASS OF 2019”.


 Roylco True to Life Human X-Rays

True to Life Human X-Rays

Biology is the perfect subject for visual aids — especially for young children. Whether your discussions are focused on technology or anatomy, adding these authentic X-rays of the human skeletal system will help bring your lessons to life! They work perfectly with our Educational Light Cube, or you can hold them up to a light source in your classroom to see X-rays of a real human skeleton! All the bones are represented, and you can even place them beside one another to form the whole skeleton.


Roylco Plastic Lacing Needles

Plastic Lacing Needles

Craft time with kids is more than just a chance to make awesome stuff. It’s an opportunity to put new skills to work. With our Plastic Lacing Needles, kids can practice manual dexterity as they lace string in loops through Paper Mesh or construction paper cutouts. When they’re finished, not only will they have a neat spider web decoration, basket, shoe lace ornament — or, whatever you come up with to guide them — but they will also have a just a little bit more control of their fingers. In these important early years, every little bit helps. Plus, these Plastic Lacing Needles are designed with kids in mind. They have lots of fun, bright colors, rounded edges, and great, big eyes for easy threading.


Roylco Goo Spreaders

Goo Spreaders

We love making tools that help kids learn why tools work. These Goo Spreaders are a good example of that. They come in handy for spreading sticky glue on paper or fabric, mixing thick paints and stirring up slimy concoctions. They have a safely chiseled edge for smooth spreading, and a flat guard that keeps gummy goo where it belongs while keeping the tool from rolling on flat surfaces.


Roylco Double Color Cardstock

Double Color Card Stock

Every great paper craft starts with a great idea. After that, proceed to this Double Color Card Stock. This sturdy, colorful cardstock is double-sided with assorted colors to make sure that whichever side is facing your audience, it’s going to be beautiful. This is also an excellent base for three-dimensional paper sculptures because the paper is thick enough, yet pliable enough, to crease and bend, and stack up and out. Cut it into strips or shapes. Roll it into tubes and tape it shut. Kids can glue buttons, macaroni or colorful rice onto the structures they’ve made, and it will keep its shape. This bright, sturdy paper is also collage and presentation friendly, making it a must-have classroom staple.


Leaf Rubbing Plates

Leaf Rubbing Plates

Back to school means back to autumn. Which means it’s that time of year when rich, warm, beautiful colors cover EVERYTHING! Okay, our love for fall is showing, but it’s true that it’s a great time for crafts. What better way to celebrate this crafty time of year than with leaves? We have a tool here that you can run with and make your own. Leaf Rubbing Plates. There’s so many ways you can use this product that by the time you’ve finished, your craft it will be something that no one else has, anywhere. Start with paper. What kind of paper? Already you’re in control. Handmade papers, woven papers, textured papers, soft papers… What medium? Pencil, pastel, charcoal, crayon… You get the point. Also, you don’t just have to make rubbings. The surface of these plates makes an excellent mold. Fill it with glue, dish soap and food coloring to make a window cling! Fill it with water and freeze it. Let your ideas lead the way. By October, your classroom will be an autumn Arcadia!


Wipe Clean Worksheet Covers

Wipe Clean Worksheet Cover

Time to get down to business. We have a great tool for the classroom that is going to save you time and money. Our Wipe Clean Worksheet Covers work for you. That means, you can use them year after year to suit your lesson plans. If you need to print out worksheets, wrap your printouts in these colorful, side-loading, transparent covers. Now kids can use dry erase markers to practice writing letters, perform calculations, fill in the hands of a clock face, match words to pictures — whatever you have a need for. When they’re done, just wipe the cover clean and reuse the work sheets! If you like, we have some useful, and FREE, worksheets available for download from our website.


Roylco Bright Buttons

Bright Buttons

Kids love buttons. …they just do. Especially big, bright, soft, textured, colorful buttons with fun shapes! Keep these handy in your classroom craft supplies for adding color and textures to collages, decorations and impromptu fashion statements. They have big holes for threading thick yarns with our Plastic Lacing Needles, which makes them great for exercising manual dexterity. Plus, the colors, shapes and textures make them a valuable multi-purpose tool for counting and sorting activities, as well as sensory explorations.


 Roylco What's Inside Me Doll


What’s Inside Me Doll

Human beings are made of complicated systems. Explaining how these systems function in a way that kids can understand can be difficult, but we’re here to help! We’ve taken some of the body’s major organs (brain, heart, lungs, intestines and more), and turned them into simple, soft and squishable toys that kids can relate to. Better yet, we’ve added sounds to some of them to complete the sensory experience! The sleepy, kid-friendly doll is ready for surgical procedures. Kids inspired by science and technology can pretend to be surgeons as they open up the doll’s belly to find the organs inside. Open the flap on the back of the head to find the brain. Velcro strips make opening and closing the doll a cinch. It’s the ultimate visual aid for early biology lessons. Kids who are just learning about the inside of the body will be amazed at how our What’s Inside Me Doll reveals what’s inside them! Pediatricians and guidance counselors may also find this doll useful as a tool for helping to explain complicated medical procedures. When a child, or a child’s family member, needs medical care, our What’s Inside Me Doll can help to comfort them by explaining what’s happening in a way that they can understand.

sketch art

We hope this list of cool and useful products gets you inspired, and ready to make new success stories throughout the coming months. If you have any questions or ideas for us, if there’s anything we can do to help you in your valuable work, please contact us. We love to hear from you. We’re looking forward to another excellent school year!