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Beautiful Birch Bark Baskets

This quick and easy cultural craft is also useful both inside and outside the classroom! This kid-friendly take on a traditional craft is a beautiful take-home piece, but if they stay in the classroom, they’re great for holding pens, pencils, manipulatives and other small personal items. Age: 4+ Duration: 5 minutes (including printing time) Learning Outcomes: Explore the tensile… View more

Prehistoric Marbled Slinky Fish

This adorable fish is fun to make and even more fun to play with! Age: 5+ Duration: 15 minutes Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Create a 3D pal for dramatic play. You’ll Need: R15410 Marble Sculpture Paper Scissors Pencil Tape Washable Marker Start with a sheet of marble paper, white side up. Fold it diagonally, and… View more

Let’s Make A Window Cling!

Let’s Make A Window Cling!

Age: 4+ Duration: 30 minutes (or more, depending on your design preferences), plus drying time. Learning Outcomes: We’re going to be mixing ingredients, painting and decorating with our creations.  We can learn about the subjects related to our rubbing plates, nature, science, etc. And, we can even have a discussion about sunlight and color as… View more

Make Marvelous Marble Marquetry

Marquetry is the art of using thin pieces of veneer to craft beautiful images and patterns. Now you can create your own beautiful marble marquetry!  Age: 5+ Duration: 15-30 minutes Learning Outcomes: Practice fine motor skills while you cut and fold. Encourage early geometry by talking about different shapes, patterns, and types of symmetry. You’ll Need:… View more

Spotlight On: Stand-Up People

Create cute, miniature people who can stand on their own two feet! These sturdy card stock figures are terrific for a multitude of different art projects and as components in presentations for other subjects. Use paint, marker, crayon, pencil crayon and collage materials to decorate your stand-up person. The large size (7 1/4 x 11… View more

Create a Craft Circle Giraffe!

This adorable critter is simple and fun to make! Age: 5+ Duration: 10 Minutes Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Practice composing figures out of geometric shapes. Create adorable animal crafts. You’ll Need: R15701 Craft Circles R22052 Double Color Card Sheets Yarn Glue Stick Tape Scissors Pencil Washable Marker Decide what kind of animal you want to… View more

Natural Materials Cuff Bracelet

This wearable art is a terrific fashion statement! Age: 5+ Duration: 10 minutes (excluding drying time) Learning Outcomes: Learn about the textures and properties of natural materials through manipulation of paper and card board. Exercise fine motor skills. You’ll Need: R15415 Indigenous Crafts Paper R39100 Wild Animal Craft Sticks Water White Glue R5725 Goo Spreaders… View more

Make Miniature Moccasins

Create adorable moccasins that make a great take-home craft! This craft helps immerse students in Native American and First Nations cultural garb. We have included two templates: a larger one for take-home crafts and a smaller one that creates moccasins to fit on dolls! Age: 5+ Duration: 10 minutes Learning Outcomes: Explore Native American and First Nations cultural… View more