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Dental X-Rays

Learn the importance of taking care of your teeth! Good dental hygiene doesn’t stop with the tooth brush. Our dental x-rays provide excellent examples of the benefits of good dental habits, and the consequences of bad habits. See for yourself the importance of wearing protective mouth gear when playing sports, and how tooth injuries can lead to painful, even dangerous, infections. See how the development of healthy teeth progresses from young children to young adults, and how sometimes it is necessary to correct crowded teeth with braces. This is a great tool for teaching kids how regular visits to the dentist are an essential part of teeth maintenance.

Includes: 15 X-rays, teeth chart and guide

Item #: R59269    Age: 5+     Made in USA



Brushing and flossing teeth is important, but our x-ray set goes beyond the basics. Give students an exclusive look at the consequences of tooth injuries and infections of all kinds. Remind athletes about the importance of mouth guards while playing sports! Explore the development of healthy teeth and the intricacies of correcting growing teeth with braces. Encourage reluctant kids to visit the dentist and see their own teeth in x-ray! Includes: 10 x-rays and guide.

Radiographies dentaires
Observez l’intérieur de la bouche comme un dentiste avec cet ensemble de rayons X dentaires ! Nous avons recueilli 15 radiographies réelles qui montrent des dents de lait et des dents définitives, des dents abimées, des blessures buccales et bien plus encore ! Tableau de développement et le guide inclus.

Rayos X dentales

¡Ahora puedes ver la boca por dentro como un dentista con esta colección de radiografías dentales! Hemos recopilado 15 radiografías reales que muestran los dientes primarios y permanentes, dientes mal cuidados, heridas en la boca y más. Tabla de desarrollo y la guía que se incluyen.

Zahnmedizinische Röntgenaufnahmen
Schauen Sie mit diesem zahnmedizinischem Röntgenset in den Mund, genauso wie es ein Zahnarzt würde! Wir haben 15 echte Röntgenbilder gesammelt, die Milch- und bleibende Zähne, ungesunde Zähne, Mundverletzungen und mehr zeigen! Das Entwicklungsdiagramm und der Guide, die im Lieferumfang des Sets enthalten sind.


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