Thanksgiving Hat


Inspired by what our crafters at the Roylco Summer Art Camp made, here’s how to put together your unique Thanksgiving Hat! Use the R28421 Scissor Skills Paper for this craft. 

Age: 4+

Duration: 15-20 minutes

You’ll Need:

• R28421 Scissor Skills Paper

• R5870 Linear Rubbing Plates

• Sheet of paper, 8.5 x 11″ (20 x 28 cm)

• Crayons

• Scissors

• Tape


Putting together the Thanksgiving Hat is super simple!


For this activity, you can decorate the head band with any of our special rubbing plates!


Fold a sheet of paper lengthwise in half. Unfold the paper and cut along the fold line to make two equal strips of paper. You’ll need both strips of paper for the entire headband.


Place the headband on top of a rubbing plate. Use the side of a crayon to rub the pattern onto the headband.


I used a different pattern for the top and bottom headband edges. Try it out with a different color too!


Choose one of the three types of feathers to decorate your headband with. We’ve made an easy set of feathers for beginners with which to practice their scissor cutting skills. The second set is intermediate, with wavy lines. The third, and most challenging, set features jagged edges for students to cut. Choose the most appropriate set of feathers for students to cut.


Attach the two headband pieces together with a piece of tape. Join the two headbands horizontally to extend the length of the entire headband.


Keep the headband flipped over to the blank side. Line up all your cut feathers along the top edge of the headband and paste onto the paper. The feathers are double-sided so you won’t have to worry about which side you paste them onto!


Join the edges of the headband together. Tip: First get students to adjust the headband for wearing. When they have found the right fit, tape the edges at that point.


All ready for wearing! If you would like to add some dimension to your hat, curl out the ends of the feathers using a pencil.


What else did your students use to decorate their hats? You can use anything available in your craft supply closet or use scrap paper left over from other projects to cut out feathers. Once students have made their hats, sit your class down in a circle and talk about what each student is thankful for from the previous year.


Send us your responses to along with photos of your students’ hats! We’d love to hear from you!

Craft Spotlight: Scissor Skills Paper


Scissor Skills Paper makes it easy to introduce scissor use to young children! We gave our crafters at the Roylco Summer Art Camp our Scissor Skills Paper to create their projects from. One of our crafters had a great idea to turn the feathers into a headband hat! Check out her process below!

There are three features to the feathers, besides being so colorful! The easiest feathers feature simple sloped lines that help students first gain control of the scissors as they cut. The feathers are printed with a small scissor indicators to show students where to start cutting. The intermediate feathers feature curvy lines to increase students’ control of scissor movement. The most challenging feathers consist of zig-zag lines for expert use!


Start off gradually by first showing students how to hold the paper in one hand while cutting with the other. We’ve got some great scissor and fine motor muscle exercise tips in our guide for the Scissor Skills Paper. Begin cutting the easiest feathers first. Progress to the more difficult feathers when students are more comfortable with their cuttings skills.


We provided our camper with a strip of blank paper to decorate. She used markers to draw a succession of lines on the paper.


Our camper placed the feathers along the strip of paper and glued down the corners.


We secured the edges of the strip of paper to make the hat fit! What a great idea!

Line-05Show us how your students used the Scissor Skills Paper in other projects! Send us your photos and artwork to to be featured in an upcoming post. We’d love to hear from you!