Sensory Art Kit


This group-sized art kit is designed to be at the center of your sensory activities! Includes reusable optical illusions and light sensitive picture shapes, along with papers, tools, and sensory collage materials for building textured art. Perfect for sensory stimulation in art therapy and open-ended play.


This product promotes:

  • Sensory Exploration
  • Open-ended Play
  • Creativity


This product includes (105 pieces):

  • 6 Optical Illusion Rubbing Plates
  • 48 Light Learning Shapes
  • 6 Floppy Brushes
  • 6 Jr. Goo Spreaders
  • 3oz. Little ‘Sticks’
  • ½-pound Sensory Pellets
  • 1-pound Colored Rice
  • 12 sheets Sensory Paper
  • 12 sheets Blots of Paper
  • 12 sheets Color Diffusing Paper
    Item #: R61001
    Age: 4+
    Made in USA


Additional information


This product is independently tested to ensure a safe play & learn experience.