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Tessellations Animal Templates

Make wonderful patterns with Tessellation Animal Templates! Simply trace a template, rotate, and repeat the process for a wonderful animal-themed pattern. Using these templates will help kids get a sense of patterns and symmetry in geometry, a big part of mathematics. While they may not be your typical geometric shapes, these animal templates provide a fun pattern to make while enhancing children’s understanding of geometry.

• 12 animal templates   • Sizes up to 5” x 7” (12 x 18 cm)   • Heavy-duty plastic   • Teaching guide

Item#: R5863     Age: 5+     Made in Canada



Ages 5+
Inspire children to create beautiful animal patterns with our easy-to-use tessellation templates. Trace a design, then reposition the template to continue the pattern while using some common lines. Teacher guide included. Up to 5 x 7″ (12 x 18 cm). 12/pkg.


Pochoir thématiques: les animaux
Étudier la mosaiques, la symétrie et les motifs. Chaque pochoir en forme d’animal a été conceptualisé afin de faciliter la reproduction du motif. Utrlisez avec des crayons gras, des marqueurs et des crayons colorés. Des activités complémentaires comprennent des projets individuels ou de groupe.


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