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Manuscript Letter Beads

Arrange chunky, bright letter beads in ABC order and string them on yarn or chenille stems (not included). A fun addition to classroom literacy centers.

Features:   -288 capital letter beads, 0.875” tall (2 cm) and Teaching guide

Item #: R2184     Age: 4+     Made in USA



Learning and recognizing capital letters will become a fun activity with these brightly colored chunky beads. The large stringing hole located at the side of each letter is easy for little hands to practice fine motor skills while recognizing the shape, sound of each letter as well as sight words when a few are put together. Also use them for sorting, alphabetizing, color recognition and art projects.Works great with lots of different stringing materials with both string and wire. 7/8″ (2 cm).

Features: ? -288 capital letter beads, 0.875? tall (2 cm) and?Teaching guide

Item #: R2184 ? ??Age: 4+? ? ?Made in USA


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