Got Kids Art Box


This Art Box is full of creative supplies to activate those sleepy synaptic neurons! Make it easy or take your time, there’s something for all ages and skill sets inside! Create easy self-portraits, and nature art, craft collage pictures and customize your favorite photos in framed art! When it comes to challenging your abilities, developing dexterity, exploring your senses, or uncovering emotions, nothing will work better, last longer, or captivate more than something FUN.

That’s why we’ve loaded this box to the brim with bright, colorful, clever, quality art materials!

This product promotes:

  • Creativity
  • Fine motor skills
  • Art exploration

This product includes:

  • 2 Stand-Up Picture Frames (7×10.5”, 8x27cm)
  • 2 Stand-Up Self Portraits (6.25×9”, 15.5x23cm)
  • 4 Butterfly Baubles (.75×2”, 2x5cm)
  • 4 Color Diffusing Paper Butterfly Wings (7×11”, 8x28cm)
  • 6 Optical Illusion Rubbing Plates (7”, 18cm)
  • 6 Solid Color Papers (8.5×11”, 22x28cm)
  • 88 Crafty Strips (8 designs; 1×8.5”, 2.5×21.5cm)
  • 24 Decorative Hues Papers (5.5×8.5”, 14x22cm)
  • 3 Junior Stained-Glass Frames (6”, 15cm)
  • 2oz Bright Buttons (up to 1”, 2.5cm)
  • 1oz Pointillism Pieces (.75”, 2cm)
  • 2oz Art-A-Roni

Some of these components are hand-crafted, making each kit unique!



Ages 3+

Made in the USA


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This product is independently tested to ensure a safe play & learn experience.