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Collage Letters

Introduce the alphabet to young children with sturdy, multi-purpose corrugated letters. Decorate each letter or trace around the edges and color. Perfect for pre-literate children.

Features:  • 26 letters, 9” (23 cm)   • Teaching guide

Item #: R52020     Age: 3+     Made in USA



Hands on the alphabet! Here is a complete set of extra large, extra sturdy letters that are sure to leave an impression on the young minds just beginning to learn the alphabet, or for anyone interested in letters. The large size makes them great as an art base that can be used with glue, craft materials, paints and markers. Even use them as templates to trace out the letters for signs, display or alphabet art. Perfect for pre-literate children or anyone.

Features: ?? 26 letters, 9? (23 cm) ? ? Teaching guide

Item #: R52020 ? ??Age: 3+? ? ?Made in USA


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