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Terrific Tree Paper


Incorporate nature into your crafts with R15294 Terrific Tree Paper!

Eight types of wood are included in each package: Birch, Cedar, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Pecan, Pine, and Walnut. One side of each piece of paper features the bark pattern of the tree, while the reverse side features the corresponding wood grain pattern.

15294 Wood Collage

Here are a few interesting ways to use Terrific Tree Paper:

• Cut the paper into mosaics for nature-themed crafts or collage!

• Spice up paintings and drawings! Trace a tree onto Terrific Tree Paper, then cut it out and paste it into a drawing or painting for a different, naturalistic effect (for an even more realistic look use Crafty Leaves on the tree’s crown)!

• Create a 3-D classroom forest. Roll Terrific Tree Paper around old toilet paper or paper towel tubes and cut the tubes to make various tree heights. Then cut leaves out of green paper or use Roylco’s Botanical Cuts to create a full tree crown.

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