Spotlight on… Tissue Circles


Tissue Circles are great to use in hundreds of different art projects! Find out what kinds of projects we’ve featured them in so far…

R2172 Tissue Circles are a great value at 480 pieces per package in a full range of colors! They are pre-cut for easy use in any of your craft projects. You can layer them over for collage effects, use them for blotch painting, create new colors by overlapping the circles together and more!

Here are a few great ideas along with links to projects we’ve done in a past:

• Layer multiple Tissue Circles together, about 15-20 circles in total. You can glue each layer together in the center or punch a hole through each layer and secure with a length of pipe cleaner. Fan out all of the layers to make a full “flower petal”-like appearance. Tape on leaves or attach a pipe cleaner to the center of the flower to make a stem.

• Find a clear adhesive contact sheet or use a page protector to make your own placemat! Layer the Tissue Circles one on top of the other onto the contact sheet’s sticky side. You can slightly overlap the circles so that every part of the contact sheet is covered, or completely overlap the circles to make new colors! You can see a detailed step-by-step at this video link!

• Make a Christmas wreath with simple buttons and festive-colored Tissue Circles! You can find out more about the post at the link.

• You can make beautiful snowflakes out of the Tissue Circles. Fold the circles in half three or four times. Cut little shapes into the edges of the folded cone.

Send us some of your great projects that use Tissue Circles!


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Craft Spotlight: Super Snowflake Stencils

Feature-Image-SnowflakestencilsIf you want to give some pizzazz to your winter-themed artwork, check out our Super Snowflake Stencils! We’ve created an assortment of beautiful snowflake designs that your students can use again and again!The Super Snowflake Stencils are jumbo-size, perfect for small hands to use, manipulate and trace! Our video below shows you several different techniques on how to use the stencils. You can trace the outline of the stencil, color in the available space of the stencil, or add your own twist to tracing.

Get TWO for the price of one: Each of the stencils comes intact with a backing that can also be used as a stencil. Simply separate the inner shape from the outer backing and distribute both to your students.

Talk about the science of snowflakes and how they are made. When the temperature drops, water in the atmosphere gets crystallized into ice form. These miniature ice water droplets are frozen into snowflakes. You can discuss how no two snowflakes are alike, but many can be categorized into the 12 common scientific snowflake shapes!


Last year, we posted a project using our Super Snowflake Stencils entitled Winter Crowns. Learn how to make these simple charming crowns with a few colorful blue pencil crayons and the stencils. Great for students to wear during a winter-themed play or for circle time sessions.



Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to send us your Super Snowflake Stencil project ideas, contact us at for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post!