Project Spotlight: Super Slick Craft Paper


Turn your regular craft paper designs into spectacular projects with R15314 Super Slick Paper! The paper is coated with a gloss to make the colors vibrant and the paper texture smooth and easy to work with. Super Slick Craft Paper is a great material to work with as the range of colors will inspire you to fold, cut and glue a variety of different projects!

To add interest to your projects, cut out basic shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles and more! Arrange the shapes onto a sheet of construction paper and paste down. Make familiar objects or scenes such as the outdoors, cityscapes, vehicles, robots and more!

The Super Slick Craft Paper is standard 8½ x 11″ so you can fold it from corner to edge and cut off the bottom to make a square. The square can then be used for origami projects.

Our YouTube video below, we show you how to make your own pop art using two sheets of Super Slick Craft Paper. On the first sheet, fold and cut out a snowflake design while retaining the four corners. Paste on top of a separate sheet of colored paper.


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