Peek-a-boo Art Silhouettes

finished craft

Give nature a makeover with these colorful silhouettes!

Age: 5+

Duration: 20 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Explore the merging of several styles of art. Create a beautiful craft.

You’ll Need:


step 1

Start by choosing one or two nature stencils to use. We chose the dragonfly and the flower, but you can choose any shape you like! Because we wanted to go for a classic silhouette look, we chose the black and white card sheet, but again, you can choose any color you like. Begin by tracing your stencils in the position you want them on the white side of the black card sheet with a pencil. Then cut out and discard the shapes, so you have a sheet with your image cut out of it.

step 4

Set the sheet of card aside for a moment. Choose a few sheets of Decorative Hues paper, and cut strips out of them. Your strips can be a uniform width, or they can vary in width.

step 5

Once you have enough strips to cover your sheet of white paper, spread your white sheet of paper with glue, and lay the strips down. Completely cover the white sheet with the strips.

step 6

Once the glue is dry, put glue on the white side of your black and white card sheet. glue the card sheet to your striped sheet. Trim off any excess paper that shows around the black card sheet.

step 8

This classy craft provides a pop of color to your classroom! Typical silhouettes are made with a black shadow on a white or colored base; we have turned that idea on it’s head and created a bright, stripey silhouette that peeks through the foreground sheet!


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