Color Diffusing Paper Game Pad


Combine all your favorite classic board games and take them with you wherever you go! Perfect for those long car-rides or for group playtime sessions in the classroom. 

Age: 6+

Duration: 20 minutes

You’ll Need:

• R15212 Color Diffusing Paper 12 x 18″ (30.5 x 46 cm)

• Assorted buttons: R2131 Bright Buttons or R2143 Really Big Buttons

• Paint

• Paint bowl

• Paint tray

• Hole punch

• Colorful ribbon

• Large wooden block (for stamping)


This game pad is convenient to carry anywhere! I’ll show you how to attach a ribbon to the game pad so that it’s easy to roll up and secure.


Lay out the paper on the tray. First, figure out which games you would like to include in the game board. If required, use a pencil to sketch out the game board before stamping out the various game spots.


The game boards I chose were Tic-Tac-Toe and Checkers, which is pretty simple to stamp out. I used a small clear block to make the perfect-sized spaces for both game boards.

To stamp out the spaces, I used the white of the paper as half of the spaces and simply connected the spaces by the corners. Dip the block into the bowl of paint and stamp the spaces onto the paper.


Leave the paint to dry. When dry, punch a hole on one end of the game board.


Cut a length of ribbon and tie one end to the hole punched side.


Now you can roll up the game pad and store it away for future use or take it with you on a long trip to play with friends!


Use the buttons as game pieces! Play Tic-Tac-Toe by trying to get three of the same buttons in a row or use your game pieces to capture your opponents’ in Checkers!


What kinds of game pads did your students make? Send us photos of some great game boards to! We’d love to write a post about your students’ work!

Craft Spotlight: Touch and Match Animal Cards


A good way to encourage sensory interplay is through games! Try our fun-tastic R76530 Touch and Match Animal Cards, which features colorful cartoon playing cards and animal-shaped buttons. Read on and learn how to play!!The Touch and Match Animal Cards are a great way to get groups of students together to play, especially if you are trying to break the ice!


The Touch and Match Animal Cards feature several types of playing cards. The playing cards are printed with illustrations of colorful cartoon animal and come in 4 sets. Each set represents a difficulty (easy–medium–intermediate–difficult).


The objective of the game is to match the buttons to the cards! Choose one of the decks to play. Shuffle the cards and turn the cards face down. Take one card from the top and lay it on the table. Examine the card. What animal is printed on the card? Match a button to the face depicted in the card.


However, to make full use of your students’ sensory abilities, drop a handful of Animal Face Buttons into the provided blue bag (we recommend about 3-5 buttons at a time). Ask children to place their hands into the bag and feel around for the appropriate button.


This game is great for encouraging visual and tactile skills!


The best way to distinguish the different decks is by the colors printed on the backs of the cards. The features of each deck is as follows:

Green deck – Easy – Find the face of the animal in the picture!

Yellow deck – Intermediate – Find the faces of both animals in the picture!

Red deck – Difficult – Find the correct face out of four provided faces for the animal body in the image!

Blue deck – Challenging – Find the Animal Face Button corresponding to the animal’s face in the image. There are no other clues provided so think hard about your selection!



Show us your students’ playtime sessions using the Touch and Match Animal Cards! Send photos to for a chance to be featured in our next post!