This Little Class of Mine uses our Color Diffusing Paper!

Used to make ocean backgrounds for these adorable squid characters, Color Diffusing Paper was combined with paint and bit of salt to create neat bubbly water effects!

This activity was part of a literacy/art class that studied a fun children’s book, I’m the Best Artist in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry. The squid on the front cover was used as the inspiration for this classroom’s art projects. Students also gained a lesson in biology as they learned a bit about ocean life and habitats of ocean creatures.

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The post, entitled “Best Artist in the Ocean: Giant Squid Painting” was published on September 27, 2010 at the Little Class of Mine blog. Visit more of this blog here!

Ms. Nellie Mae first showed her students a simple and challenging way to draw squid characters. The students painted their squid characters onto blue-color paper. While they waited for the paint to dry, the students prepared their backgrounds.

The R15212 Color Diffusing Paper was first placed on top of a sheet of white paper. This was a bonus trick that allowed students to make a copy of their artwork! Using liquid watercolors, the students painted their diffusion paper. The students then dropped pinches of salt onto the still-wet paint. This created a bubbly effect on the paint!

Crazy cool!

Thanks to Nellie Mae for sharing this post!

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