Marble Paper Play Pal Family

We showed you how to make Paper Play Pals with our Skin Tone Craft Paper, but now we want to introduce you to our Marble Paper, and Mini Paper Play Pals!


Age: 4+

Duration: 10-40 minutes (depending on the size of your Marble Paper Play Pals family)

Learning Outcomes: Cut and roll paper to practice fine motor skills. Encourage imaginative play.

You Will Need: 


Start by downloading the Mini Paper Pals Template to your computer. Place your favorite sheet of Marble paper in your printer. (It may take some experimenting to see how your printer feeds paper through, so you get the lines printed on the side you want!)DSC_6505

Each sheet of 8 1/2 x 11″ paper makes TWO Mini Paper Pals. Start by cutting the horizontal line that splits the paper in half. DSC_6507

Once you have cut the sheet in half, gently roll up each half sheet, being careful not to crease it. Then let it relax.


Next, carefully cut the dotted lines on both half sheets of paper.

Now carefully roll up the leg sections and tape them so they stay rolled.

Next, roll and tape the arm sections.


You may want to trim the arms to your preferred length at the end. Once you have rolled and taped the arms, roll and tape the body.


Once the body is rolled, fold the flap over to create the head, and trim the arms. You can also use a washable marker to give your Mini Paper Pal a face!


One sheet of paper will make two Mini Pals, or one full-sized Paper Pal. Explore all the different colors of Marble Paper and create a Paper Pals Family.



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