Paper Sculpted Lion Mask

finished craft.jpg

These easy paper sculpting techniques create a beautiful 3D effect on any basic mask! 

Age: 5+

Duration: 20 Minutes

Learning Outcomes: Practice precision scissor skills! Explore the tensile strength and elasticity of paper. Learn how different textures create different looks!

You’ll Need:


  1. Select your mask. We chose a lion mask for this project. Then we colored in the mane and snout with crayons while the mask was flat.
  2. Fold, crease, overlap and tape your mask so it is 3D! It is much easier to fold your mask up BEFORE you add the paper elements than trying to fold it up after.
  3. Cut strips out of your construction paper to form the lion’s mane. Strips that are approximately 4″ long worked best for the mane.
  4. Once all your strips are cut, gently roll each strip up, then let it relax.
  5. Tape your mane curls to the mask. We taped them in three rows, starting with the outermost row and working inward.
  6. Next, cut strips for the facial fur. We started with long strips and measured each strip against the section of mask we wanted to cover. Once each strip was the correct length, we cut the strip into a fringe and taped it down. Start from the lowest point that you want the fur fringe to cover and work upwards in layers.
  7. Use chenille stems and the pre-punched holes to secure the mask to your head! These masks are perfect finishing touches for Halloween costumes!


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