Craft Spotlight: Color Reveal Birds


Get ready for an amazing feature post on our beautiful Color Reveal Birds! I have so many photos to share with you from this wonderful day. See our campers’ artwork and some step-by-step assembly of the birds.


The Color Reveal Birds feature a kit of 24 sheets. Each sheet has two parts: The main bird body, and its wings.


The best part is that at first, the Color Reveal Birds don’t look like much. Once you add markers, however, watch for emerging patterns!


Combine colors together! Color the bird’s head blue and its body red, then switch for another color–such as blue–for its wings!


Make sure you use thick markers that can cover a lot of surface area. The best effect is achieved when the entire bird is colored in.


We got many different kinds of designs!

IMG_00000747When you are finished coloring, pop out the bird from the backing. The pieces are already scored to make it easy for you to remove them from the sheet.


Fold the bird’s body in half down along the middle.


There are two slots in the top of the bird’s body. These slots allow you to easily slip the bird’s wings onto the top.


In addition, there are two notches in the back that help secure the bird’s wings at the back. This will also help fan out the bird’s wings.


The top of the bird’s body features a hole punch that can be used to thread string through.


Knot the ends of the thread together.

IMG_00000772Ready to hang!

_DSC0373Our art campers had so much fun with finding places to put the birds. But the best of all was getting to attach the birds to the spokes of cute kid-sized umbrellas.


A flock of birds are approaching!

IMG_00000799Here’s another great shot of our campers with the bird umbrella!


They just loved posing with it!


Hang the birds from a classroom mobile or use to decorate a window!

IMG_00000824Great job, campers!


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Craft Spotlight: My Garden Stained Glass Frames

2014-03-31-FeatureImageBeautiful stained glass frames can be made by cutting out bits of 15257 Stained Glass Paper to fill in the gaps of the frame design. We got some great shots of the Art Campers hanging up the 52089 My Garden Stained Glass Frames in the garden!


The My Garden Stained Glass Frames come in 8 designs. Your students can choose between a bee, spiderweb, dragonfly, butterfly and various flower designs! These Stained Glass Frames feature pre-punched holes, so you can hang your students’ finished frames from the ceiling in your classroom.


First, trace the gaps of the stained glass frames onto a sheet of Stained Glass Paper. Cut a bit of a border around the outline. Spread some glue around the border and press onto the back of the stained glass frame.



Be sure to change up the colors of the stained glass paper that you use. That way, the design will really stand out!


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