Accordion Fish

finished craft.jpg

These adorable fish are perfect as classroom decorations or as display pieces for reports and presentations!

step 1

Age: 4+

Duration: 5 Minutes

Learning Outcomes: Practice folding accordion-style. Exercise scissor skills.

You’ll Need:


Start by folding your sheet of paper in half, hamburger style.

step 2.jpg

Draw an outline of a fish. Remember, you have folded your paper, so use the fold as the middle of your fish. You are really only drawing the outline of HALF a fish.

step 3.jpg

Cut out your fish, being careful not to cut the fold.

step 4.jpg

Open your fish up. Start at the nose, and accordion fold your fish until you reach the tail. DO NOT accordion fold the tail.

step 5.jpg

Once you have completed the accordion fold, fold the accordion in half.

step 6.jpg

The folds will spread out as you do this; that’s ok! Carefully tape the two sides together to complete your fish.

step 7

Add googly eyes or other details to cap off the look of your fish!


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