Frog Mask

finished frog mask.jpg

This adorable mask is a perfect addition to your costume closet! Wear it Trick-or-Treating too!

Age: 4+

Duration: 15 minutes (plus drying time)

Learning Outcomes: Augment student presentations with this adorable costume piece. Exercise fine motor skills. Create wearable art.

You’ll Need:


Today we will explore a fun way to add texture and color to a mask using paper! We have chosen a frog mask, but this crafty technique can be used across a wide variety of art activities.

step 1

Start with a flat mask. We used a green marker to add a base color to the entire mask.

step 2

Next, tape the tabs and pleats of the mask together. This will give your mask a 3 dimensional shape! Remember, it is easier to color a mask while it is flat, but if you will be applying details with glue, it is easier to fold up and tape the mask together BEFORE applying glue. If you glue things to a flat mask, the dry glue may crack and cause pieces to fall off when you fold the mask.

step 3

To add color and texture to your mask, try using circle popz! Spread a thin, even layer of glue around the frog mask’s eyes. We used small circles to line the eyes, alternating between a solid circle and a patterned circle.

step 4

For the rest of the face of the mask, we used larger circles cut in half. Spread a thin, even layer of glue on the mask, and start from the bottom of the face. Work your way upwards in slightly overlapping rows,

step 5

This twist on a typical collage technique is a simple, fun and effective way to add bright colors and patterns to a mask.

Use masks in your classroom for imaginative play, to add some life to a presentation, and as beautiful wall art! Don’t forget to take the time to talk about the history and uses of masks in different cultures.

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Craft Spotlight: Mix and Match Emotion Masks®


How are you feeling today? Pretty good or what?! Our art campers were feeling their very best while playing with our hilarious R4959 Mix and Match Emotion Masks®! 

The Mix and Match Emotion Masks are a unique set of masks that are divided between upper and lower face images. The upper face masks typically show the eyes in a variety of emotions (in the cover photo above, the camper is showing her eye mask that features surprise)–sad, happy, angry, surprised, for instance! The lower face masks show the mouth adjusted to reflect other emotions as well–such as contempt, interest, fear and so on.


Using individual mask pieces, you can talk with your students about existing emotions, and how they affect us and people around us.

By “mixing and matching” emotions, you can make up your own!

_DSC0262Regardless, children will have lots of fun changing their appearances with one of these ingenious masks. The material is tear-resistant and coated with protection for years of re-use! This will benefit you in pre-K classrooms as you can use them to teach young children about self-awareness and how feelings are important to our interactions with other human beings.

_DSC0302You can see by the picture above that it’s easy to inspire children to experience a range of different emotions with external things (such as masks). In a way, this is how regular emotions are experienced. There are multiple external things every day that happen to us. Each of these things–whether it be another person, an event, object, entertainment, etc–can cause us to react or respond in certain ways. Sometimes, certain persons experience different emotions simply because they can (don’t you wake up some days and feel happy that you are alive?)

_DSC0265All in all, learning about emotions is a great experience!

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