Spotlight on… Economy Fun Frames

economy fun frames

Make “picture-perfect” gifts to take home with our R22041 Economy Fun Frames!

The pack comes with 24 corrugated card frames with inserts and cutouts. Each frame features a different combination of shapes that can be used to add pizzazz to any size of photograph. Use the innermost shapes as 3D decorations for your frames!

To decorate the frames, use markers, crayons or pencil crayons to add color to the blank frames. You can design your own patterns or use our decorative papers! Some of our fancy decorative papers can be found here:

• R15200 Patterned Paper Classpack

• R15263 Tie Dye Paper

• R15303 Retro Pop Paper

• R15399 Masterpiece Frame Paper

Choose a decorative paper to form the base of your Fun Frame. Turn the paper over so that the printed side is facing down. Place the Fun Frame (blank side down) onto the paper and trace out the inner and outer edges of the frame with a pencil. Remove the frame, then cut around the inside and outside of the tracing. Flip the resulting cutout upside-down and glue onto the Fun Frame. You can use the same concept with construction paper or any other colorful scrap paper you may have on hand!

Try decorating the frame with mosaics. Frame the edges with one color, then fill in the interior with a separate, complementary color for a real pop!

Alternatively, glue down buttons, sequins or scrapbook embellishments onto the frame.

Once you are finished decorating your frame, select the appropriate size of photograph to place behind it. Center your photograph in the middle of the frame, then flip the entire piece over and tape down the photograph.

The next step… take home and present as a gift to someone special! (Teachers: this means the parents!) The recipients will love getting a cute photograph pre-framed and decorated for a shelf or family photo gallery!

For more great ideas using the Fun Frames, please visit this link. 


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