Welcome Back to the New Year!

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Now that we’ve rung in the New Year, we are excited to share our ideas with you over the next little while. Stay tuned for blog posts in a range of subjects, using tools that you already have in your classroom!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed a year of posts from Little Fingers Big Art. Here’s a recap of 10 of our favorite posts:


Use jelly on the Light Cube for a great sensory activity!


Make lucky four leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day, coming up in March!



Combine letters in a Word Mobile to generate literacy creativity in students!



Guest post from Rebecca Milling about the wonderful creations made with our Straws and Connectors at St. Jerome’s Children’s Home in Nakuru, Kenya.



Check out this neat step-by-step tutorial on how to make 3D wall art!



Use our Tube Crafts to make a birdfeeder… or critterfeeder!



Make beautiful tissue paper birds–a great fine motor skills activity!



Check out our awesome Action Shapes People! Customizable action figures that your students can use for stop-motion animation projects!



Imagine what dinosaurs really looked like with our Collage-A-Saurus and Dinosaur Paper Sheets!



Turn old doodle paper into wrapping paper for someone’s birthday or for Christmas time!

These are our top ten for the year! Share your favorite post online with your friends.

Leave us a comment to let us know what kinds of posts you would like to see more of!


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Little Fingers Big Art just received the Versatile Blogger Award!!


Thank you so much to our huge fan, OntheUpCycle, who just recently bestowed us with the Versatile Blogger Award! Learn more about the award HERE. You can check out her amazing projects at ontheupcycle.wordpress.com!

In order to receive the reward, LittleFingersBigArt must participate in the rules required by the status of this award. They are as follows:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog. CHECK!

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you. CHECK!

3. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award. SEE BELOW!

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5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself. CHECK!

I want to first honour several of our favorite bloggers with the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out some of these incredible websites as they strive to give the best content and interact with their fellow bloggers with caring dedication.

Drumroll, please….

1. Squarehead Teachers

2. ArtwithMsK

3. CraftyStaci

4. PeaBea

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6. Crafted in Carhartt

7. Franciful Arts

8. Make Something Mondays

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13. Craft and Repeat

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15. Crayon Box Chronicles

Now onto 7 interesting things about Little Fingers Big Art:

1. The creative folks at Roylco began this website exactly ONE YEAR ago! We’ve made it so far with the help of our favorite crafty fans who always make us feel like our work is worthwhile. Look forward to this week’s Birthday Post!! Check back for more details!

2. The content for Little Fingers Big Art is written in our Canadian office in Waterloo, Ontario. If you would like to get in touch with us about sponsoring for upcoming arts and crafts events, please drop us a line!

3. Here at Roylco, we have a huge manufacturing plant that assists us in keeping our products domestic, affordable and, above all, high quality.

4. This past year, Roylco hosted a 3 day Summer Art Camp for children ages 3-10. We had a blast with our little crafters who let their creativity shine with our versatile products. Stay tuned every Monday for our special Craft Spotlight posts, where we highlight the best products with detailed videos and high resolution photos of our Art Camp exploits! We’ll be updating with more information about Summer Art Camp 2014!

5. Roylco works closely with local organizations such as art galleries, museums and libraries, AND hosts workshops at Early Learning Centers across the province! To learn more about our support or to book a workshop with us, please send an email to subscriber@roylco.ca. You can also visit THIS PAGE for more information!

6. Our ideas are usually produced in our art room, where bundles of materials and supplies are kept for inspiring new products and crafty creations!

7. Finally, Little Fingers Big Art is climbing the ranks in the Martha Stewart American Made contest–please visit THIS page for more information on how to vote for us! We appreciate any votes we get.

Thanks again to On the Upcycle for her award. Happy blogging!