Personalized Portfolios

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Get kids excited for an artful school year with this useful back-to-school craft!

Every child needs a portfolio to keep their exceptional art and school work in. Get to know your students by having them personalize their portfolio!

Age: 4+

Duration: 5-10 Minutes

Learning Outcomes: Practice names, exercise fine motor skills, and encourage adding art to everyday objects.

You’ll Need:


Provide each child with a folder. If the children are sitting in groups, give each group a paper doll pad and a handful of alphabet pasting pieces. To keep things neat, try using a finger paint tray or bowl to hold all the alphabet pieces. Ask each child to choose a paper doll from the pad. The variety of skin tones in the pad will reflect the diversity in your classroom!

step 1

Using a glue stick, glue the paper doll onto the front of the folder.

step 2

Decorate the paper doll! Children can be encouraged to do self-portraits for this activity, or they can decorate the doll as their favorite character from a book or movie.

step 3

Knowing whose folder is whose is important! The final step in this project is for children to find the pasting pieces with the letters of their names on them, and paste their names to their folder.

step 4

These folders will keep a student’s artwork safe throughout the school year! During the last week of school, bring out the portfolios so students can really see their artistic progress from the first week of school to the last week.


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