Ten in the Bed!

2014-01-22-FeatureImageTurn a classic children’s song into a storytime activity with our Animal Buttons and a few craft materials! Your students will love the interactive quality of the game. Choose from a variety of different templates below to help you make your own Ten in a Bed!

Age: 3-5

Duration: 10 minutes

You’ll Need:

R2040 Animal Face Buttons™

R39101 Fabric Print Sticks

• Hot glue gun

• Bed Templates (see below)

• White printing paper

Line-11The Ten in a Bed song is ideal for learning to count numbers and exploring number management, patterning, and sequencing! Incorporate memorization with singing song lyrics, and develop fine motor skills with physical game interaction.


For this activity, you will need to use a hot glue gun. Make sure you always use adult supervision while handling a hot glue gun. It would be ideal to first demonstrate to your students how to put together the craft, then station yourself at the “hot glue gun” area to make sure children don’t hurt themselves while using it.


Pick any one of the following bed designs to personalize your story-time Ten in a Bed activity! Click on the image or the title below to reach the PDF. Once you have accessed the PDF, simply print out the design to a color printer on regular 8.5 x 11″ printing paper. Use the paper design as a backing for your Ten in a Bed storytime activity.

Template blank

Ten in a Bed BLANK

Template 1

Ten in a Bed Template 1

Template 2

Ten in a Bed Template 2

Template 3Ten in a Bed Template 3

Template 4Ten in a Bed Template 4

Template 5Ten in a Bed Template 5

If you would like for each student to make their own Ten in a Bed activity, print out the blank template (at the top of the list). Students can color in the bed with crayons or markers, or decorate with stickers to personalize their craft.


Cut the printed sheet out along the straight line in the center of the image. DO NOT CUT the bed into two pieces. The bed should separate only in the center like a pocket.

2014-01-22-Step03Now to make the ten animals! Select your Animal Face Button and hot glue it to the top of a Fabric Craft Stick.

2014-01-22-Step04Press and hold!

2014-01-22-Step05Repeat for all ten animals! You can mix and match the patterns on the Fabric Sticks with the color of the Animal Face Buttons.

2014-01-22-Step07Slide your ten animals through the pocket opening of the printed bed image.

Now to play the Ten in the Bed game! Below are some example lyrics that you can use while playing this great primary storytime activity:

There were [number] in a bed,

And the little one said,

“Roll over! Roll over!”

So they all rolled over

And one fell out!


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Craft Spotlight: Touch and Match Animal Cards


A good way to encourage sensory interplay is through games! Try our fun-tastic R76530 Touch and Match Animal Cards, which features colorful cartoon playing cards and animal-shaped buttons. Read on and learn how to play!!The Touch and Match Animal Cards are a great way to get groups of students together to play, especially if you are trying to break the ice!


The Touch and Match Animal Cards feature several types of playing cards. The playing cards are printed with illustrations of colorful cartoon animal and come in 4 sets. Each set represents a difficulty (easy–medium–intermediate–difficult).


The objective of the game is to match the buttons to the cards! Choose one of the decks to play. Shuffle the cards and turn the cards face down. Take one card from the top and lay it on the table. Examine the card. What animal is printed on the card? Match a button to the face depicted in the card.


However, to make full use of your students’ sensory abilities, drop a handful of Animal Face Buttons into the provided blue bag (we recommend about 3-5 buttons at a time). Ask children to place their hands into the bag and feel around for the appropriate button.


This game is great for encouraging visual and tactile skills!


The best way to distinguish the different decks is by the colors printed on the backs of the cards. The features of each deck is as follows:

Green deck – Easy – Find the face of the animal in the picture!

Yellow deck – Intermediate – Find the faces of both animals in the picture!

Red deck – Difficult – Find the correct face out of four provided faces for the animal body in the image!

Blue deck – Challenging – Find the Animal Face Button corresponding to the animal’s face in the image. There are no other clues provided so think hard about your selection!



Show us your students’ playtime sessions using the Touch and Match Animal Cards! Send photos to subscriber@roylco.ca for a chance to be featured in our next post!