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Spotlight On: Number Dolls

Alldolls and signs

Make math cuddly and explore early numeracy with these brightly colored, size-scaled dolls!

Even the most reluctant learner will want to engage with these plush, smiling dolls. Ranging in size from a 3 1/2″ doll in the shape of a 1 to a 6 1/4″ doll shaped like a 9, the numeric value of each number is clearly visible in relation to the other numbers. Line all ten numbers up in order and they create a mathematical rainbow!

The firm base of each number allows the dolls to stand on their own. Each doll loves to hold hands with their friends and Velcro™ lets them do just that! We have also included Velcro™ math signs that let students create their favorite math facts in 3D. Early numeracy students can use the < and > signs to demonstrate an understanding of relative value. Math facts can seem abstract and difficult to comprehend. These dolls make math facts concrete!

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Put students on the path to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) excellence with plush equations and smiling number pals!



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