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Spotlight On: Counting Fingers Hand Book

Roylco_7796 Counting Finger Handbook child.jpg

Need a few extra fingers to count with? These hand-sized books make perfect math manipulatives!

Each page is printed in fleshtone colors with foldable fingers to use as a math manipulative. Use the pages to practice numbering, writing out equations or for math journaling. Each book has a card stock front and back cover along with 10 pages and measures 4 x 4½ (10 x 11.5 cm). Fold down the fingers just like you would curl in your own fingers to represent numbers! For example, if you want to show the number 2 with your hand book, fold down the thumb, ring and pinkie fingers on one hand. You can also fold down all but the pointer fingers on two pages.

49145 - Counting Hadbook Stack and Open

Make math facts concrete by folding down fingers and writing the math facts on the palms!

49145 - Counting Handbook 2 and 1

These books are also great for early learners! There are a lot of different ways to write out 4, so match the fingers with the words and symbols!

49145 counting hand book 4 four.jpg

Make a unique “All About Me” book with a numeracy theme! Start with a self portrait, and fill each page with numbered favorites.



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