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Spotlight on… Gizmo Paper!


Here’s an addition to 2015 you will LOVE–our bright and bold Gizmo Paper! 


R15298 Gizmo Paper provides your students with hundreds of images of cool gadgets and gizmos that are used in technological devices all over the world. Cut out the images and use them to decorate card masks, recyclable robots and more! We provided our art campers with blank R52076 Folding Fun Masks to decorate. 


We asked the campers to first color in the mask as a base for their gadget gizmo additions.


Give your younger students thicker markers. This will allow them to cover more surface area on their projects.


This mask features an extraordinary splash of color!


Once the masks were completely colored in, the kids glued down their favorite gadget pieces.


What kinds of gizmo pieces will decorate this mask? It looks ready to be worn already!


This mask has a mishmash of Gizmo pieces, but each piece means something! Ask students to describe the functions of each piece. Attach pipe cleaner to the sides of the masks so students can wear them comfortably on their heads.


Here is the same mask being worn…


…And here’s another one!


We have another great Gizmo Paper craft coming up this Wednesday! Stick around until then to see!


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