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Spotlight on… Fold Up Paper Flower Bouquet!


Make a beautiful bouquet for upcoming spring celebrations using our R86450 Fold Up Paper Flower Bouquet!

The Paper Flower Bouquet features an assortment of beautifully printed flowers, die-cut and scored to appear realistic! Each kit comes with 80 flowers, 80 chenille stems, a pack of stickers and a cardstock vase to display your flower arrangement for all to see!


The kit makes a great gift for crafty young kids! Make bouquets for loved ones or use the flowers to decorate a wall board in your classroom for a spring display.

To make the flowers in each bouquet, pop them first out of their paper backing. Take a chenille stem and slide the tip into the center hole of the flower. Curve the tip to secure the stem to the flower.

To add details such as leaves, locate the hole at one end of the leaf. Press the chenille stem through the leaf and pull it halfway up the length of the stem. Repeat this process until you have a full arrangement of flowers. We incorporated the flowers we made into a crown for Mother’s Day to celebrate all the great things that moms do for us!

You can use the vase provided, or make your own decorative vase for the flowers. Check out the link for more details… Makes a great gift too!


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