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Spotlight on… Constructa Clip Safari Animals

constructa clip safari animals

Construct your own toys with Constructa Clip Safari Animals!

constructa clips safari animals

These toys use the ingenuity of our Constructa Clips to help students mix and match their animal figurines. There are 3-4 simple pieces that can be combined together to make a complete animal. Each piece connects easily with the Constructa Clips.


The pieces come flat, but are made of a sturdy plastic material. This allows the piece to bend easily as you attach it to the other pieces.


To attach the pieces together, first slide the edge of your main piece in between the grippers of a Constructa Clip.


Each piece overlaps with another piece. Use the Constructa Clips to secure the pieces together.


Most of the Constructa Clip Animals attach together with three pieces, like the giraffe above. The head attaches on either side of the neck using the clips.


Everyone loved to show off their creations!


You can mix and match the creations for even greater variation! Make up your own animal friends and come up with names for unique combinations.


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