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Scents Sort Match-Up Kit

scents sorting sensory smell

Exercise your sense of smell with our Scents Sort Match-Up Kit! Help students learn everything they need to know about basic smells that we encounter in our daily experiences. 

The R62301 Scents Sort Match-Up Kit is great for encouraging children to explore their natural senses. The kit features 30 different liquid scents contained in small self-sealing capsules and 30 matching picture cards. Each of the capsules are numbered to correspond with the list of scent names featured in our guide here. The scents are also pleasing and familiar to students, including those of apple, grape, mint and so on.

Students can pop open the cap of each capsule and try to identify the scent they are smelling. Talk about the familiar scents and where students may have encountered them. When they have a clear idea of what kind of scent they are smelling, they can choose the correct picture card to match the capsule.

You can play one of six different educational games to enrich students’ exploration of their olfactory sense. These games attempt to provide students with cross curricular lessons such as brainstorming descriptive adjectives, or playing a number matching game. Find out more at this link!


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