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Paint Splatter Hat

paint splatter art hat bellows

This colorful painter’s hat will delight any art enthusiast! Decorate with the unique effects produced from our Paint Bellows.

Age: 4+

Duration: 10 minutes

Learning Objectives: Use squeezing motions and exercise fine motor skills while using the Paint Bellows. Create splatter paint effects to decorate a blank hat.

paint splatter art hat bellows

You’ll Need:

R5419 Paint Bellows

• Blank hat

• Paint tray

• Acrylic or fabric paint

• Paper plate


paint splatter art hat bellows

Paint Bellows are unique painting tools with a narrow spout and a wide, accordion-like chamber for propelling out the paint. To use the Paint Bellows, you will need a good pincer-like grasp to press the chamber tight. This helps to expel all the air from the chamber.

paint splatter art hat bellows

Dip the spout into a glob of paint and release the chamber. This release of pressure will cause the paint to rush inside of the Paint Bellow. When you are ready to use the Paint Bellow, rapidly squeeze and release the chamber to push globs of paint out.

paint splatter art hat bellows

I’ve started with a soft peach-orange color. This will be the base color. You can keep adding as many splatter spots as you like throughout the hat.

paint splatter art hat bellows

Mix other colors such as a soft teal or bright yellow into the mix and get a unique design!


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