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Mrs. Knight uses our Retro Pop Paper!

blogger-image--2079829474 scsMrs. Knight shows us her beautiful classroom with her detailed photo gallery! One of the photographs shows Mrs. Knight’s take on table numbers!

Mrs. Knight published “Inspiration to Fruition… Thank you!” on August 9, 2013 where she talks about her various inspirations for her classroom.

The table numbers she made were made from our R15303 Retro Pop Paper. Cover a metal table clamp with a folded sheet of Retro Pop Paper! Tape the edges of the paper together to secure. Decorate the front and back of the Retro Pop Paper with black marker–write a letter or a number to organize your students into groups!

blogger-image--2079829474Thanks to Mrs. Knight for her post!

Images and original post © Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists.

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