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Julie from the Land of Lost Luggage uses our Color Diffusing Sealife!

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Julie shared a wonderful art lesson with her readers about dispersion and diffusion… using our R2446 Color Diffusing Sealife! Check out her post for a colorful display of her daughter’s artwork!

This post is entitled “Teach Art to Your Children V 1.4” and was published on February 18, 2011.


Julie and her daughter used washable markers to color the Sealife images. They placed the Color Diffusing shapes onto paper towel to keep the color from seeping through during their next step.

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After coloring, they placed baby wipes onto the shapes and misted them with water. Lifting up the wipes revealed a beautiful assortment of colors and patterns on the Sealife shapes.

Check out Julie’s series on teaching children art at her website, Land of Lost Luggage.

Thanks to Julie for this creative post!

Images and original post © The Land of Lost Luggage.

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