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Craft Spotlight: Paint Bellows


Explore a new painting technique with Paint Bellows! These neat little painting tools feature an accordion-style chamber to help push paint out in a splatter-like design. 

A few drops of tempera paint go a long way with this painting tool! First, press out all the air from the Paint Bellows chamber. To do this, squeeze the spout in between your pointer and third finger, and place your thumb on the flat back of the bellow chamber. Press your thumb down onto the chamber. Press towards the spout. This will make all the air in the Paint Bellow escape from the chamber.

Hold the Paint Bellow in this position and lower the spout into a small amount of paint. Release your thumb from the back of the chamber while holding the Paint Bellow in place. You want to make sure you have just a little amount of paint. A little is a lot with Paint Bellows!

NOTE: Use only thicker tempera paint with the Paint Bellows. Watercolor paints or watered-down paints tend to “leak” across the page rather than create the dotted splatter effect.


The splatter effect is created when an empty Paint Bellow chamber is suppressed then quickly released onto a sheet of paper. The video below shows some artwork that can be made with Paint Bellows. It’s all in the technique!


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