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Craft Spotlight: Clay Rollers


Get ready to roll with Clay Rollers! The rollers create new designs every time. Use on clay, Plasticine, dough and more! 

The Clay Rollers are easy to put together, too. The kit features 4 rollers with accessories: 4 large cylinders, string, and stoppers. To make the rollers, tuck one end of a length of string inside the cylinder. Press a stopper into this end to hold the string in place.

Next, wrap the string around the length of the cylinder. You can loop it in different sections or add another length of string to make the design more intricate! Once you are satisfied with the string design, insert the remaining length of the string into the free end of the cylinder. Press a stopper into it.


Once you have set up your design, roll the Clay Roller across a flat slab of clay. The string will press into the clay slab and leave a patterned imprint on it. The patterned slab can then be molded into a variety of different shapes. Make cups, bowls, boxes, or cut out various shapes from the slab using cookie cutters. There’s so much you can make with the Clay Rollers!

View project ideas at the Clay Rollers guide which can be found HERE in PDF form.

To learn more about the process, watch the video below!

Use our special salt clay dough recipe with the Clay Rollers! Our Salt-Clay recipe was crafted from a few experimental attempts to make fridge magnets! We ended up with a great recipe for moldable clay that could be used for tons of projects. We decided to use the clay to make the garden stones, but you are welcome to use your own recipes if they are better suited. We tried to use ingredients that are easily found in your nearby stores and pantry closets!


2 Cups Potato Starch

1 Cup  Salt

1 Cup  Water

Visit the full recipe at this post: Collage Garden Stones!

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